Refrigeration devices are used in various
branches of technology and industry. In
cooperation with the world's refrigeration
equipment manufacturers, in our offer we
have top quality products.
Qualified employees will advise and create,
in cooperation with customers, the cooling
and air conditioning project using the latest
We provide service and spare parts and we
encourage contractual maintenance of the
refrigeration system. By upgrading and
modernizing, the service life of the
equipment is prolonged.
About us
The refrigerated craft was founded on 06.03.1990. year, as a
small craft workshop. Working for many years, Rashlad has
gained an enviable list of satisfied customers of our services in
the field of ventilation systems and air conditioners.
Marine refrigeration systems

The installation of the ship's refrigeration equipment
is tailored to any specific needs on board. Modern
ships cannot be imagined without a ship's cooling
device that contributes to the comfort of the crew on
board and allows preservation of supplies. The
refrigeration device is essential for the transportation
of easily spoilable cargo and is an essential part of the
equipment of special purpose vessels. The
development of refrigeration technology is very
important for the advancement and for the existence
of a modern ships.

The project development service from the moment of  
the idea has been realized, through the realization  
then to the commissioning and submission to the  
investor of the complete refrigeration facility. Using  
the TIA Portal software development tool to create  
management and control applications has shortened  
the time of production and testing.
Service and maintenance

The operator of a device or equipment is required to
take all necessary technical measures to prevent
leakage, if the leakage is detected remove it as soon
as possible to reduce emissions of controlled
substances and fluorinated greenhouse gases into the
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